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Tennessee Hills Brewstillery

Updated: Apr 7

One of my family's favorite stops was Tennessee Hills Brewstillery in Johnson City Tennessee (I sing that line out of the Old Crow song every time I say it too) . Now I can't speak on their spirits because I didn't sample them but I can tell you the beer there is top shelf! In the middle of Johnson City's beer scene it is definitely a destination stop on this beer drinkers list of great places to relax and have a great beer.

Heading from middle Tennessee to Johnson City is quite a drive but the scenery on the way itself is worth a drive with the family. Just west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and east of the Great Smoky Mountains the scenic views were enough to get my children to look up from their phones for the first time in hours.

I came for the beer, my kids however, were partial to the Shirley Temples. If your heading with non drinkers or minors Tennessee Hills Brewstillery has a menu of virgin drinks that is bound to be up most peoples alley. As for me I coulda spent an afternoon or evening in there relaxing and enjoying the company of my family. The bar is nice and the area is spaced out well. I felt at ease with a drink in my hand, and my wife and kids were able to have things they enjoyed there as well. The chandelier was a neat addition to the area, and a definite eye catcher.

The bartenders were friendly and accommodating and are definitely able to set you up if you know what you like. The beer styles were diverse, but mainly traditional. I feel comfortable saying there is a beer there everyone can enjoy. I enjoyed a porter and a red while there and rated both high in my untapped. To see the exact beers I tried there go check out my untappd @ whatshoppinwithgro.

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