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Orange Hat Brewing Co.

Updated: Apr 7

My family and I found Orange Hat om the way back from Pigeon Forge one day after a disappointing trip to Dollywood ruined by a day full of rain. After stopping to cheer the kids up we made a side trip on the way home to lift dear ole dad's spirits. Luckily my family knew just what dad needed. After a short detour off our route we arrive at Orange Hat Brewing Co. in Knoxville

Fast forward to January 4, 2022, and our second trip to Orange Hat was only slightly more planned and just as rewarding. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the beer list broken down so that even I can understand it. The picture above was from the first trip the second trip there was not an empty space on the board, also I am definitely not a photographer.

There are sodas (or cokes as we call them here) for the kids, a foosball table and other things to keep them entertained while the adults enjoy a place to rest and have a delicious beer. The taproom is large enough to feel spaced out and be able to comfortably enjoy the company you came with, or you can belly up to the bar and do what I like to do when I travel solo and meet new people.

I went with a dunkel, a light lager and a sour all hit the spot. The beers here were so inviting even my wife had a co9uple tasters and decided to take home a bottle. They have food trucks and a calendar of what is coming on their website so you can pair good eats with good brews. If you are interested in the beers I've had here check out my Untappd @ whatshoppinwithgro. Cheers!

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