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My Amazing Brewery Race ... Turning Point

Every great mountain climber needs their Tenzing Norgay. Now sitting down for over 50 beers is no Mt. Everest but after my last experience I was ready to give up until my best friend (we shall call him Frenchy) came to the rescue with his can do attitude and fuel efficient Prius. After our text exchange on my long drive home Frenchy decided not to let me give up instead he offered his driving services. I apologize I'm just getting started and I don't know how long this post will get but we hit a bunch of breweries that day.

Early on the cold morning of January 13 I drag my best friend out of bed for a long day of enjoyable beer consumption. Roughly 2 hours and a pit stop or two later we arrive in Clarksville Tennessee at Kings Bluff Brewery where we meet Husband and Wife owners and brewers Kristen and Dustyn Brewer. Maybe it's because I remember it best that day (clear mind and all) or just the cozy atmosphere but it is easily one of my favorite stops. The beers were good and I felt right at home in a place I'd never been. As you may can see from the photo below the taplist is extensive.

After a quick stop for a bite to eat it's off to our second brewery for the day Tennessee Valley Brewing Company. The inside is inviting and full of character. Trying to be smart about my pacing I had decided early on the two beers that are the deal on the passport will have to be my limit especially on this day where I planned to hit a smorgasbord of breweries that day. So in the interest of brevity and not being soused before I made it even halfway into my trek that day it was two beers properly tasted down the hatch and away we went.

We made it to Evil Nash a little before opening time where we were greeted by James the owner. He kindly let us on in and we gladly took our place inside. James is proud of his brewery and beers as he should be and we had a great conversation about craft beer and his brewery.

As much as I enjoy craft beer it is also the people you meet over a pint that I enjoy. Some you chat with and enjoy the comradery and some you chat with and the experience sticks with you. This was one of those that stuck with me. Such a cool place and owner I am definitely planning another trip to Clarksville.

(from left to right : James, Frenchy and Gro)

As much as we would have liked to stay we were on a mission so back South towards Nashville we went, but not before a detour over to Springfield. Stop four was BS Brew Works where we ran into some good beer and a campaign kickoff rally for a local election. Believing we blended right in we made our way towards the bar where I presented my passport, explained my mission and procured my two delicious drafts. Not wanting to end up influencing the local election with our wit, charm and opinions we made our way out of Springfield and onto The Music City.

Hang on folks we are almost halfway there. We roll into Nashville about sundown look for our next destination. East Nashville Beer Works was a happening spot it was a Thursday and we almost didn't find a seat. I'm feeling good though, strong, I have paced my beers and the drive has been far enough that I've had time to metabolize the intake from our previous stops. So I partake of my two and press on.

A short drive later we hit a two for one spot with Blackstone and Nashville Brewing Co being in the same place. If you haven't read about these two breweries you should definitely do so. My favorite brown ale is at Blackstone so it's obvious I must chose that one first. Now is where my plan starts to catch up with me though. Four beers in one stop so obviously we have to plan to stay longer not only for consumption time but also for me not to be stumbling around Nashville like Otis from the Andy Griffith show. ( You'll have to look it up Millennials). Now the obvious choice would be to share with Frenchy but someone had to drive and that's not a chance we were willing to take so my friend took one for the team and his beers were few and far between that day.

Yea so we have now hit the halfway point of January 13ths epic beer quest. Feel free to get up and use the restroom, stretch you legs and grab a beer. Also if you have friends as good as Frenchy text them and tell them you love them I'll wait...

Ok glad you're back. Man I am looking tired, but we gotta keep going there is precious beer to drink and I know where to find it thanks to my Hop Passport. Where were we? Oh yeah on our way to Black Abbey! Man I love that place, long before I could make it there I enjoyed several of their beers locally. Their The Forty Four a.k.a. The POTUS is at the top of my list of great beers. The Abbey is a great spot for a beer and to just chill. After feeling a little like Saint Larry (check their promo material) it's time to hit the next location.

New Heights Brewing is another place I've visited a handful of times. We stopped here before RKS and on a couple of beer excursions with my wife. I've never had a beer I didn't enjoy here! It was trivia night and the place was packed so finding a place to place my backside was tough. Good thing I was on a two beer mission.

Whew I may be starting to feel a lil woozy. So food is next up and what a better place than Czanns to grab a beer and something for the belly. This was my first stop to the new location. I did have the pleasure of enjoying their beers in the old spot before they moved. We decided to take our time here we had time to make it to our remaining locations. So after my dunkelweizen and some food I enjoyed my second on the passport and feeling a second wind in my sails we headed off.

To be honest I did not realize how hoppin Nashville was on a Thursday night. We made it to Harding House and it was also packed. Well done Nashvillians. ( or Nashvillains if you're feisty) So with my mind on my mission and my mission on my mind I grabbed my two beers and some swag and we bounced out.

I seemed to have misplaced my beanie in the car so I'm rocking sweaty hair don't care at this point. Also the cold beers may have some impact on just how little I care about my hair at this point. Saint Frenchy and I rolled into our last destination of the night right before the Preds finished their home game. Jackalope's the Ranch is a fun spot with great people. It is another one of the Tennessee breweries that I can find locally pretty easy so I was fairly familiar with their lineup. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and a bright fun atmosphere. By this time the woozy has returned.

Look I found my beanie. If you're counting that was 13 breweries and we are up to stop 28 on the Amazing Brewery Race only 11 stops to go. Hope you enjoy this journey. As always you can see the beers I've tried on untappd @whatshoppinwithgro and check out these amazing breweries when you get the chance. Have fun, drink safe, be kind!

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