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My Amazing Brewery Race pt. 3

Updated: Apr 7

Captain's log Stardate 75488.2 (Jan 8) after starting the day right with a Mug Club breakfast at Common John's and an afternoon of youth basketball the small life forms that have inhabited my home have taken refuge at my sister's home for the night and the wife and I are experiencing freedom .... sweet, sweet freedom. So of course the amazing husband that I am (eye rolls appropriate here) I take my wife for a night out. First stop of the night Hop Springs in Murfreesboro, Tn.

I know what you're thinking, Husband of The Year! In my defense there is amazing live music flowing almost as good as the cold beer does from the taps there. The brewery is spacious built on a large piece of land that also houses a large outdoor stage active for bigger events. My wife, the saint she is, is the designated driver so I sample from beers that are new to me since the last time I visited. We race on!

The night may be young but we are not so after a few songs and a couple beers it's off to our second Murfreesboro spot of the night Mayday brewery. Owner Ozzy Nelson is as colorful and delightful as the beers brewed there. Mayday is a go to brewery for us, before we got Common John in Manchester it was the closest brewery to us so I have enjoyed many beers here over the years. If you find yourself in Murfreesboro on a night Mize and the Drive are taking the brewery stage I highly recommend making it top of your plans.

I haven't made many beer suggestions in my posts yet but Silk Mill and all the variations of it I have tried at Mayday rank among the top of my favorite beers. They also usually some kind of sour or fruited beer available so for us they provide options my wife also enjoys. After a brief discussion on getting an early start in the morning to hit some outlying breweries we decide on one more brewery and call it a night.

After just under an hour in the truck traveling away from home we arrive at our destination greeted by a chicken and waffles food truck out front. Asgard Brewing Company is located in Columbia Tennessee and was stop number 14 on my amazing brewery race for those counting. This brewery has character, the diverse clientele and hometown feel make way for a tap list that is large and diverse with brews fit for a viking. The smaller taproom opens up to a larger seating are downstairs where you can get a glimpse of the brewing set-up there as well as having darts and another serving area, life is good and so is the beer.

I mentioned an early start the next morning right? Ok so we overslept our planned departure time so after some hurried dressing and a quick social media check we verify our targets for the day are open, grab the kids and we are off. It's a small two-ish hour drive from home to our first stop. Despite the delayed start the day is going to be good, the drive is beautiful with remnants of the recent snow on the landscape as we pass. 110 minutes into the drive the truck is feeling cramped and the kids are getting restless so we are thankful our destination is getting close. My wife make a quick social media check for a beer menu to see if there is anything there that interests her and I hear it. A gasp, then comes the news that will set the tone for the day. Buried underneath the post announcing their reopening date for the season was another post stating that they would be postponing that opening another week, the mood in the truck is now changed.

In the middle of nowhere with spotty cell service it is here we have to make a decision. Do we go home and count the day a loss or do we reroute and make the best of it? I'm not gonna lie I was ready to go home but my wife loves adventure so we reroute to Pikeville Tennessee back tracking and heading to Bankwalker Brewery.

I'd love to tell you that we stayed a long time and that my kids got to enjoy the axe throwing area and the neat atmosphere, however I have been before and we were now way behind so we decided on dropping me off while the wife and kids went to get gas and food so we would make the even longer trip to Copperhill and Ducktown Tennessee. That being said I do love the beer here and atmosphere. It's proximity to Monkeytown also makes this a place I will definitely head back to with the family when we next decide for a low key day trip.

My wife and kids are troopers, the scoop me up in the rain and we eat in the truck so we can make it to Copperhill Brewery before they close. As my mood shifts and we enter the Cherokee National Forest I really start to appreciate natural beauty of Tennessee. The Ocoee River winds through this area and it is such a visually intoxicating trip. I am now invigorated again we are approaching Ducktown with the second of three breweries no far away. To myself I think "three isn't bad" considering how the day started. We park and get to the door .... ghosttown. "Insert explicative here" this is on me, I totally missed the second set of hours for the second location. I did tell you earlier there was a tone for this day. Luckily the second location is close and definately open, "well I hope".

As you may have guessed from the above photo, yes it was open. We pull up to the curb and park in the middle of what I can only describe as one of the coolest small town areas I have ever visited. Somewhere between progressive and rustic, old and new, sits Copperhill Brewery in Copperhill Tennessee. The taproom was cozy and inviting the beer was delicious and we got to be simultaneously in Tennessee and Georgia at the same time as the brewery straddles both states. I choose to drink in the state with the more favorable serving laws. My kids enjoys cokes and Golden Tee in the corner while I enjoy cold drinks at the bar area. It's late and we are over two hours in a different direction than we started from home. I think this may be my last stop on the amazing brewery race. As satisfied as I am at the moment I am not sure I can do another day like this.

If you are curious about the breweries I visited I will post more about them in future posts. If you are interested in the beers I had check out my untappd @ whatshoppinwithgro

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