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My Amazing Brewery Race pt. 2

Updated: Apr 7

So I work a 2 on 2 off type of job 12 hour shifts at night to describe it best. Long hours working with my hands and I am typically beat when I get home. So it's not far fetched to picture the look on my wife's face when on my last night in I look at her and say "we should take another beer trip tomorrow". It was somewhere between was I crazy or already drunk, So I head off to work and think absolutely nothing of it, I work my 12 and head home prepared to let the nightly Monsters wear off and get some sleep. Given her reaction the night before Imagine my shock and childish glee when I sit down on the couch and she asks "Which breweries do you want to go to today?" Quickly I blurted out "all of them" and then came to my senses and decided we should go against the wagon train philosophy head east.

East takes us to the one brewery we missed on day 1 in Knoxville, Elst, and towards many others, So without a second thought or a wink of sleep we pile in the truck and make a quick stop for supplies and we are off down the interstate. While on the first day of this journey we investing in a power inverter with multiple outlets at a truck to keep the kids game consoles and phones charged to minimize travel aggravation, worth the investment. We arrive at Elst and circle for a bit before we decide on a place to park and say a quick prayer we don't get towed. The choice of which 2 pints I would enjoy was tough here, so many delicious looking beers to choose from. I did choose, however, and after a delightful conversation and a taster of a beer that set my spicy taste buds a buzzin we were back on the road, next stop Morristown.

Ahead of schedule we decide to do a little touring of Morristown, The downtown area was amazing, one of the most picturesque downtowns I have seen, With time to kill I decided to treat the family to Longhorn for lunch as a steak never sounds like a bad idea to me. Now open we made our way to 1907 Brewing Co. the taproom is beautiful and it's a place I would visit frequently if I lived in the area. As i walked to the bar the bartender actually had his copy of the hop passport out so it didn't take much explaining the mission I was on. I selected the golden and brown ale and returned to our table where the kids had found the little addictive ring on a string game I have seen all over my Facebook.

Our third stop of the day is the furthest from our home. We made our way towards the mountains and Johnson City. Now I know I have said it before but I will say it again the drive through this gorgeous state is worth the trip alone. The mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and other natural wonders make travelling in Tennessee an adventure in itself.

As you can see from the above photo evening is approaching and I am remembering it has been 24 hours since I slept, but we power on. Onward we drive past the home of Yee Haw, which I must go back to visit. and towards Tennessee Hills Brewstillery. I will get more in depth on this visit in a future post but we definitely enjoyed our visit there. Still we had 2 more breweries in our sights.

Night has fallen and we have made it to one of our favorite vacation spots Gatlinburg! The last 2 breweries of the day are Gatlinburg Brewing Company the Gatlinburg and Sevierville locations. We make a quick drop in to GBC Gatlinburg and grab 2 pints, live music in the background and a full house and make our way to the Sevierville location for dinner. Tired and still hours from home it's time to call it a night but the journey is just beginning. If you are curious about the breweries I visited I will post more about them in future posts. If you are interested in the beers I had check out my untappd @ whatshoppinwithgro

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