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My Amazing Brewery Race pt.1

Oh hello there, STOP! I am certain this isn't the blog you intended to find but stay awhile and have a beer or in my case roughly 76. Over the course of 20 days I had around 76 beers at 38 different breweries and drove/rode over 2103 miles with my family and a very dedicated friend.

Frankly it was a great time that ended too soon so little by little I thought I'd share it here with the 3-5 people who will accidentally stumble across this.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN ... well not really but what fun is it if I say eh I drank alot of $5 beers.

So a couple years ago I was introduced to the Hop Passport and the Amazing Brewery Race. Unfortunately a couple years ago it was 2020 and most of my beer drinking was done at home. Last year I bought a digital passport and got to use it but not finish it. So I bought my 2022 passport with no real plan other than I like 50% my first 2 beers and maybe this year I could finish it.

As with most of the best things that have happened over the years .... IT all started on a whim and a snow day!

After a rare good snow in my part of Tennessee my wife and kids were both out of school on my day off. Having no plans and a strong desire not to spend the day at the house I suggested to my wife we go somewhere, being the amazing wife she is she suggested we knock of a few breweries off my Hop Passport. That was all it took, I charted out a quick course based on what gave us the best chance to hit the most breweries, we loaded up the kids (yes I took my 10 & 12 year old along) into my Nissan Frontier, grabbed breakfast and we were off to Sparta Tennessee to visit our first stop Calf Killer Brewery.

This was not our first time to Calf Killer and they make one of My favorite beers, the J Henry so I planned to spend just enough time to drink a couple beers and boogie. We showed up at opening time and with our mission in mind to visit multiple breweries that day went to work. I grabbed a sweet beanie I have featured in several of my instagram posts and my two beers. After sharing beer stories with a nice couple down from Wisconsin and finishing my 2 beers we were off to our next destination Moco Brewing Project in Wartburg.

A former coworker of mine left to go to work with his buddy at this brewery so it had been on my radar for awhile. Moco serves coffee and beer so on Tuesday they are only open part of the day so after hustling from Sparta to Wartburg we made it just before closing. I ordered my beers, my daughter's coffee, my son a coke and we enjoyed a Tuesday mid-morning drink. Day 1 was in full swing and we were enjoying our adventure,

NOW I know how quickly I could go on about each venue and also how ridiculously long this could be if I list every brewery stop in detail along the way. So in the interest of keeping this interesting I am gonna go light on some parts and heavier on others. Lunch at Monkeytown in Dayton because it is one of our favorite places to eat and they have amazing and inventive beers from Dayton I realized the rest of my plan was junk so we changed course and headed towards Knoxville. We made our second stop at Orange Hat Brewing, our first stop at Next Level and set off back home.

Not one to skip a chance to get one more place in I convinced my wife stopping at Hix Farms in Cookeville was a good idea. It was! Hix farms has great beer and a relaxed atmosphere. After my 2 beers we were officially on the way home and Day 1 was in the books,

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