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All Hopped UP : The Caverns

Now if there is one thing I enjoy as much as a finely crafted beverage it's a well crafted song. I actively spend as much time as I can finding new music and new venues to consume music. People from all over have already found one of Tennessee's most unique music venues located not far from my home in middle Tennessee. The Caverns in Pelham offers the best underground scene around, literally boasting "The Greatest Show Underground". With touring acts drawing music lovers from all over this venue is expanding their ability to host larger shows and offer a stunning view of the Cumberland Plateau to match the beauty of their underground shows.

It's no secret 2020 was tough on everyone especially the live entertainment industry. Like a lot of small businesses, during the pandemic The Caverns had to pivot and find a way to continue doing business and that's exactly what they did. At first, they started offering daily cave tours and looking into ways to expand their business. After a phone call with one bands tour manger they were pointed in the direction of what some music venues overseas were up to. Moving outside and creating socially distanced pods The Caverns created its' first iteration of their outdoor amphitheater. Offering a safe and socially distanced musical experience hosting a performance by Jason Isbell as their first outdoor show.

After these initial shows they realized there was a second viable unique music experience to be had in Pelham. With beautiful views of the Cumberland plateau in the background outdoor shows in Pelham provided an amazing viewing experience for music lovers traveling to see their favorite artists. As the pandemic slowed and social distancing regulations expired shows in the cave were able to resume and The Caverns went to work putting time and resources into revamping the outdoor amphitheater with a new stage and a new look.

The venue has sectioned seating in front and general admission seating in the back with the ability to spread blankets or bring folding chairs. There are two food trucks located in the back and separate concessions areas for drinks (I'll get to those) for seated patrons and GA. For the curious parents, it is kid friendly I took my 11 and 12 year old children who had a great time although I may now have cavers on my hands.

Saturday June 25, 2022 the ribbon was cut and the first non socially distanced show was hosted outdoors at The Caverns. Hosted by Old Crow Medicine Show and emceed by the lively and entertaining Ketch Secor a Hootenany commenced to properly christen the new stage. With performances by OCMS founding member Willie Watson, Joshua Hedley, Town Mountain and Old Crow Medicine Show themselves the night air in Pelham was electric an0d everything sounded great. The production quality is top notch.

Ah those drinks I mentioned earlier, yes yes I am getting there I am a beer guy you know by now. There is a little something for everyone, non alcoholic beverages for all ages, and a mix of beer, wine and cocktails for the over 21 crowd. Miller lite for the fans of domestic, Blue Moon for those who almost like craft beer, White Claw well because "there's no laws with the claw", Montucky for beer flavored beer, Sweetwater favorites 420 and their IPA for a little more crafty selection and then to my surprise one of my favorites Chicken Scratch from Tennessee brewery Little Harpeth. As my credit card bill will tell you I really enjoyed those.

If you haven't yet head over to The Caverns website and see what can't miss shows they have in store and be sure to let them know Gro sent you. As my buddy Dan says "Don't just visit Tennessee, Experience Tennessee".

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