Beer of the Week

See what beer I've chosen as my beer of the week along with guest collaborators.


Two Scoops - Peach

Panther Creek Brews

I first want to be up front. Peach is possibly my favorite flavor in everything. So why not kick off my beer of the week with one of my favorite beers showcasing my favorite flavor?

Two Scoops - Peach from Panther Creek Brews in Murfreesboro is a beer they brew seasonally and is a variant on their Two Scoops series of Cream Ale’s that they do.

First impression is that it's like getting a nice mouthful of peach ice cream from the local ice cream shop. The peach is prominent and not overbearing. The lactose and vanilla show up and show out in this delicious treat.

Second impression: this drinks too fast! I can easily put down a 4 pack in a sitting and be out if I am not careful! I have had this one in the tap room as well as in the can. I make sure to pick up enough 4 packs to get me through anytime they announce they will have it. Personally I could drink it year round.

Peach Two Scoops weighs in at a 5.5% abv and has an average ranking of 3.86 on untappd. Follow @panthercreekbrews on InstaGram to keep up with the goings on at Panther Creek Brews and to find out the next time they will be dropping more delicious beer.



Asgard Brewing

Gro's beer of the week this week is Voyager from Asgard Brewing in Columbia. It is classified as a an American Pale wheat . The sweet malty flavor is balanced with an unexpected but welcome hoppy punch. It is a go to for me whenever I stop in. 

Voyager weighs in at a 5.2% abv and has an average ranking of 3.74 on untappd. Follow @asgardbrewingco on InstaGram to keep up with the goings on at Asgard and to see what is happening around the brewery.